About CLPD

The Center for Learning and Professional Development in Bayan University is established to provide the necessary capacity building opportunities on individual level which will reflect on institutional level.

The CLPD office is responsible for organizing workshops, seminars and training courses and will plan ahead of conducting the activities. The office functions in close coordination with Quality Assurance department to make sure all the relevant documentation are prepared and provided to QA within the agreed timing. Another major task of CLPD is to work with press office for publishing the activities on BNU website.

The CLPD has an essential role in activating the academic staff to propose and conduct different activities within the academic year not only by BNU staff but also to host visitors outside the university to share information and exchange experience which will be an added value to the institution.

You can contact CLPD Office via:

Ms. Hero Hassan, the CLPD Coordinator at BNU